Jazz dictates the rules of engagement.
Musicians command the streets.
Booze is the currency of choice.
Drugs is the business of the future.
Love is what everybody is looking for.
Words get lost in the mayhem.

"The film is set in Soho in the year before the 1960s revolution in London but it also could be anytime and anyplace: societies need an escape hatch from conservatism and conventionality all the time. Never like Soho in the 1950s though as all sorts of rebels, bums, beatniks, artists and bohemians bunched up there over ten years until their lifestyles provided the critical mass for social change."
Pablo Behrens, director of Adrift in Soho - the movie.

Seven young visitors meet in Soho by chance and have to make sense of themselves, of Soho and of the wider society. Harry Preston, a young philosopher from Leicester arrives at a surreal neighbourhood full of unusual characters that seem out of time and out of place. The mood is of a pre-apocalyptic scenario where everybody knows their fate but refuse to accept it. Among them are a two filmmakers that find themselves in the fringes of Free Cinema documentaries, like 'Nice Time', 'Momma Don't Allow' and 'March To Aldermaston' which are recreated in the film in tribute to the real filmmakers of the Free Cinema.

Starring Owen Drake and Chris Wellington who together with a group of amazing young actors and seasoned performers bring London's Soho of the 1950s alive in body and spirit.

ADRIFT IN SOHO - THE MOVIE is based on the 1961 novel of the same name written by COLIN WILSON and is directed by Pablo Behrens in the style of a 1950s Free Cinema documentary.

ADRIFT IN SOHO - THE MOVIE is produced by Pablo Behrens and Owen Drake. To be released in 2017.

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